Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joff, you got some stiff competition. Hate to break it to ya.

Are you smitten Illy? ARE YOU?!?!?!

Punching Bag FAIL


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toilet Built For Two

Toilet Built For Two

oh my word, I just found the BEST SITE EVER...does this picture not so perfectly capture what a mother will do for some stinkin peace and quite?!?!?!

Dude! it's my cousin shannon!

This is my cousin Shannon...she lives in Guam, her dad (my mum's brother) is a pastor, she's gorgeous, she can SING. she's cooler than me.
the end.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Andrea you promised scoot, you promised!

Okay, this is some serious older sister blackmail going on right now. but AHEM! CALLING MISS ANDREA CHRISTINE TO THE TABLE FOLKS. PLEASE RISE FOR THE HONORABLE (WELL NOT REALLY) SOPHIA.
-Andrea claims to be so giddy with wet your pants glee about this blog that she'll be possibly "over-posting"
-She's posted twice.
-I call BS
-I Blackmail
-I WIN! you angy pangy. I can see the eye rolling and hear the oh my gosh you're so stupid from allllll the way down here. ah. It must just be your college education...sheesh. I'm so lame, I know.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From the younest the oldest...

A tribute to 24 years of a wonderful life. :) lovely sister Sophia is turning 24 today!!! June 2nd...only 24 can you believe it??? 24 and so STINKIN accomplished! Married, three kids PLUS pastoring a church. my word are honestly...SUPERWOMAN! I am superwoman...yes i am! yes YOU are....:)
Here's a funny memory in honor of your birthday....My dear sister was sooo... ridiculously morbid growing up HA! ...yes you were dont deny it. So all through my childhood i can remember time and time again Sophie taking advantage of the fact that i was the youngest, extremely gullible and easily easily scared. My parents would leave and within ten minutes of them being gone, without fail sophie would be like..."did you hear that? " "whats that noise? ...someones in the house! OH MY GOSH get the knives!" So all three of us girls would go to the kitchen, get the biggest butcher knives we could find, and sneak around the whole house flinging our knives around every corner of every room yelling "I know your there!" until every square inch of the house was covered and we we always did...there was NO ONE there. This literally was like ritual when the parents left. Although one particular night, one dark cold night...soph got a little carried away HA! soooo like i said earlier, soph was a very morbid child, and she decided it would be a very grand idea to try and convince her younger sisters that she had stabbed herself and was dying on the kitchen floor. So late in the evening when my parents were out, me and ange are upstairs in our room and i hear sophie yelling in a intense desperate yell..."ILLY! ILLY! ILLY!" so i run downstairs and to my horror find sophie lying on the kitchen floor surrounded in ketchup with a knife lying there beside her, convulsing and screaming in "pain" hahahhahaha....she got me thats for sure, my heart about stopped beating...right up until ange was like "sophie what the heck?" hahaha...and soph busted up laughing... ohhhhh man...such grand ol memories. THAT ladies and gentlemen is the real sophie haha! you gotta love her:) every single bit of her:) and i do! I absolutely adore you sophio! From pretending to be dead, to instilling fright in my poor lil mind, to convincing me that andrea was demon possessed ( this story ill have to share another time...oh its a good one!) There is no one like my sister haha...the ring leader of our 3 sister gang, we ruled the world together. It was us 3 against...the world :) Still is :) Man....i love you sophie!!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I was pretty much raised by my sisters, which explains why im so messed up...sigh...i never even had a chance. none the less...we were and always have been and will be best friends. And i love them both from the bottom of my heart. And cant make it in life without them... which is why it tears my heart out being miles upon miles away from sophie:( BUT you have yourself a wonderful birthday! my confidant, my example, my inspiration, my best friend, my protector, my oldest sister:) love ya

I must do this some day