Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Fairy Tale...

ok...the fairy tale...geezlaweez...if it wasnt for my older sister constantly telling me to write about this ..i uh...wouldnt haha. but she does so here it is...
Once upon a time in a land close close to home (actually here at home) haha. there lived a knight by the name of joffre harnett, joffre harnett had a good friend by the name of ileana libemday. Their friendship began when ileana was a freshman in high school. Ileana found out joffre liked her and instead of being a nice young lady, became very mean and turned against him for almost a whole year. Her anger than died down and the two were reunited as friends once again. Ileana considered Joffre to be her best guy friend, and joffre considered ileana to be his best girl friend...their friendship grew and grew...and as time went on ileana began to realize more and more that sir joff was indeed an amazing knight. And she grew very fond him. Then one cold dark night Sir Joff asked ileana if she could ever see them being more than just friends. It was a very awkward conversation. Ileana knew her answer that night but did not respond, instead she waited and waited...about one month and a half, she finally felt ready and had thought long and hard and told sir joff she would love to be more than friends. it was a very happy night:) their feelings for one another grew and grew and finally the day illy waited for...Sir joff talked to her father, Sir Libemday. This was the greatest battle sir joff ever fought. What a valiant knight indeed. Only it turns out the "dragon" seemed to be surprisingly tame and kind, and it wasnt a fight hardly at all. Sir Libemday gave Sir Joff the approval of dating his daughter Ileana,(it was actually like seriously incredible! i prayed and prayed for this conversation, and told God that i would know i had his approval if i could just have the approval of my dad, and that i wanted my dad to be happy and excited with me...and HE totally totally is! its nuts! ) anyways... Ileana almost exploded with excitement. Sir joff then took Illy on their first date...the old spaghetti factory in a land far far away called Portland. They had a wonderful evening. ! Full of butterflies, smiles, laughs, and awkwardness:) keeping it very joff and illy style they had a wonderful magical evening, he got her home before she turned into a pumpkin or he turned into a frog? or is it his car into a pumpkin? annd....they have many many more stories to come. The end.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

So this is from a little while ago, when me an Illy went down to Chico in February. This is just a clip of the whole video but it's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. =) Thought you'd enjoy it Soph and everyone else. I'll have to upload other parts of the video later, Emry makes some hysterical faces and the girls scream as loud as they can, just the usual. haha.
So in Childrens Church we've had a missions theme for the last few months where we talk about different churches all over the world. Well we finally started the United States churches and me and Courtney did Chico the other week. We had sweet photos and talked about the outreaches. For that week we were trying to get the kids to see that they aren't too young to pray with people, this video we showed at the end of our skit to bring our point home. The kids loved it! =o)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

If you need a reason to smile...

oh my...this video just makes me grin the whole stinkin' time..tell me it doesn't have the same effect on you! Yes, I know, its hanson, and weird Al on the tambourine, and its a blues brothers parody. Dork? yes. Nerd? absolutely. Awesome? HECK YES! ha..this one's for you Becky! (for some reason it cuts the video screen off..if this is incredibly annoying, just click on the the video screen and it will take you to the actual youtube site and you can watch it like a normal person ha)

Explanation of Illy's crazy post.

first off...leave comments people! its the only way we know you're there! okay down to business...
You may have read Illy's last post, that looked oddly like the one right underneath that with a picture of us..but look carefully, in the second quote she changed one word then signed off on it like she wrote it. hahahahahaha...oh this kills me. it's sort of an inside joke Ill and I have, we love awkward humor and for some reason, LOVE coming up with jokes or conversation that would make everything awkward..don't ask me..we're just weird.
SO! you know how sometimes there are those people who like, tell you this great little saying, or say something very profound..then say its something they came up with? And the whole time you're like, wha?! I've heard that before, or, i'm pretty sure britney spears was quoted saying that, or, I'm almost positive that was from the lion get what I'm saying?
its so awkward! the whole time you're listening with this confused polite smile on your face..oh Ill and I decided it'd be hilarious to do that on purpose and send it to people like we seriously thought we were being profound and just wallow in the confusion that is their realization, we are nuts.

"Go ye and make discilples of women" -sophia foley

profound yeah?

Friday, April 23, 2010


"I know some sisters who only see each other on Fathers day, and some who will never speak again. But most are like my sisters and me...linked by volatile love. Best friends who make other best friends ever so slightly not as best." -Illy


To us...

I know some sisters who only see each other on Mother's Day and some who will never speak again. But most are like my sister and me... linked by volatile love, best friends who make other best friends ever so slightly less best. ~Patricia Volk


WHEEEE!!!! the last one to blog ...didnt think id ever do it didja soph!??!?! didja didja?? ... well HOLA here i am :) me... the baby of the family, the little sister..ileana..illy. brownie..Pill. although pill and brownie are reserved STRICTLY for my sisters to call me..cough cough...anyways... Oh how i wish and pray my oldest sister could be here with me during this time in my life...yes sophio i miss you terribly :( sniff...i see she took on her duty as my big sister and already told you guys i am no longer a single lady. all you single ladies..all you single ladies..all you single ladies..Put your hands up!! ...anyway...nope, no longer my song.. ive been swept away by a valiant knight, i was just hiding in the castle completely in despair, trying to escape the dragons, and then in comes prince charming swooping me off my feet just in the nick of time, and away we ride off into the sunset with long blonde locks of hair flowing in the wind....EEEERRRCCHHH!!!! HAHAHAHAH jus kidding!!.. lifes no fairy tale kid! .... only it totally is for me right now ;0 and my oldest sister is half way across the world !!! :( :( do you feel bad for me??!!? WAHHHH... geezlaweez... anyways im writing this blog so i can say i finally put something up...(mental note...must post another one up that is easier to follow) my thoughts are a little scattered...but sophie! that picture was for you! haha i look like a total nerd! i love the one of joff and i ...but the one of me! EEK! haha :) ange your a nerd.just because i say you are..sophie you too..oh and soph.. i will post another one of our date when i get a good picture ;) i promise...ok i shall continue this madness later...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am positively swooning...

I have to endure my baby sister dating from a distance. and it sucks. yes I said the suck word ha. I have to get text from other people telling me how cute they are, I have to get pictures via phone messages from Illy, asking if she looks okay. I want to be there! wa! was their first date and I can hardly stand it. I am in so in love with them..I am reliving those dating days..the butterflies, the anxiety, the head in the clouds. cute. Here's the pic from Illy, she's nervous even though, look at her, she's amazingly beautiful.
Here they are about to venture out into the world as a couple. Watch out America...
(Illy, you HAVE to talk all about you and joff so people get that you've been best friends they understand why you guys look so natural and comfortable all ready ha)


Andrea posted a BLOG?!?! no flamin' way...holy cow where are the flying pigs, quick someone check if hell froze over cuz i sure as heck think it did.
ha. I kid I kid...
I cannot wait for this blog to really get going...hold on fella's you're in for a ride!
Just for smiles sake, here's a pic of us as little girls...pretty much it tells me, Illy has always been gorgeous, I've always been a nerd and Andrea has always been more quiet then I could ever stand to be.HA! (don't let that sweet demure smile fool you guys...she's got something up her sleeve.haha)
I love you ange (that is MY stinkin' name for you that the rest of the world just went ahead and copied cuz they're thieves like that)
Illy....Illy...ILLY!!! its your turn..ha. Did anyone catch the alvin and the chipmunks reference there? alvin..alvin...never mind sheesh...ha.


Ahhh, so i've finally come over to the other side (uh ha ha, i said other side), where I can now put you at the mercy of my inane blogging and absurd musings. Soph will be so happy. =). So I am Andrea, call me Drea. NOT DRE (thats reserved only for the sisters) but Drea is fine or Andy, I like that one. Anywhoo I decided to post real quick so as to please Miss Sofia. Ha.
Actually I'm really excited 'bout this, maybe too excited but I don't care, I am now 100% part of your virtual world, ok wait, maybe just 81.5%, still gotta used to all this.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Anyone who knows us Libemday girls, knows we are each others closest friends...I could not live without my sisters...So, here's a test run, we'll see how good we are at chronicling our lives as we all carry on even though I'm oh so far away...and that Illy HAS A BOYFRIEND!!! cough..pardon me.
The first picture is Sophie, aka Soph... that'd be moi. I'm nerd numero uno.
The second is Andrea, aka drea aka ange...she's nerd numero dos.
The last, but not least, is Illy, aka pill aka ill...she's nerd..u guessed it. Tres.