Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Fairy Tale...

ok...the fairy tale...geezlaweez...if it wasnt for my older sister constantly telling me to write about this ..i uh...wouldnt haha. but she does so here it is...
Once upon a time in a land close close to home (actually here at home) haha. there lived a knight by the name of joffre harnett, joffre harnett had a good friend by the name of ileana libemday. Their friendship began when ileana was a freshman in high school. Ileana found out joffre liked her and instead of being a nice young lady, became very mean and turned against him for almost a whole year. Her anger than died down and the two were reunited as friends once again. Ileana considered Joffre to be her best guy friend, and joffre considered ileana to be his best girl friend...their friendship grew and grew...and as time went on ileana began to realize more and more that sir joff was indeed an amazing knight. And she grew very fond him. Then one cold dark night Sir Joff asked ileana if she could ever see them being more than just friends. It was a very awkward conversation. Ileana knew her answer that night but did not respond, instead she waited and waited...about one month and a half, she finally felt ready and had thought long and hard and told sir joff she would love to be more than friends. it was a very happy night:) their feelings for one another grew and grew and finally the day illy waited for...Sir joff talked to her father, Sir Libemday. This was the greatest battle sir joff ever fought. What a valiant knight indeed. Only it turns out the "dragon" seemed to be surprisingly tame and kind, and it wasnt a fight hardly at all. Sir Libemday gave Sir Joff the approval of dating his daughter Ileana,(it was actually like seriously incredible! i prayed and prayed for this conversation, and told God that i would know i had his approval if i could just have the approval of my dad, and that i wanted my dad to be happy and excited with me...and HE totally totally is! its nuts! ) anyways... Ileana almost exploded with excitement. Sir joff then took Illy on their first date...the old spaghetti factory in a land far far away called Portland. They had a wonderful evening. ! Full of butterflies, smiles, laughs, and awkwardness:) keeping it very joff and illy style they had a wonderful magical evening, he got her home before she turned into a pumpkin or he turned into a frog? or is it his car into a pumpkin? annd....they have many many more stories to come. The end.

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TheFoleyFive said...

Bravo. and you LOVED writing about it, don't lie.
love you sister o mine