Monday, May 3, 2010

I am your salvation...

I set my gaze far beyond the mountain tops, and i will not let it fall. For when my God comes back for me I'll be waiting for His call. Heart surrendered, hands held high, come come Jesus take me, that I might abide close in your love, my God will not forsake me. And should this life become blurred and the mountains surrounded in haze, still I'll lift my eyes towards heaven and there I'll set my gaze. When my prayers seem silent, like they cannot be heard, my faith has taught me in times past my Lord hears EVERY word. When my heart finds no rest, and my burden is felt through the nation. Then my God whispers to my soul...I am your salvation!

1 comment:

Anne of Alamo said...

my kids love love your playlist...fireflies is bouncing off our walls,
I still can't keep who is who seperate, but i do enjoy reading the enthusiasm!