Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Friday, July 29, 2011


We finally made it to the MAGIC KINGDOM! Finally! I haven't been since I was 6 and I honestly wasn't expecting too much. Like I knew it's was like the "happiest place in the world" but I thought it was just something more for kids. But when I stepped into that little country I was seriously blown away and I quickly became completely and thoroughly enchanted. Seriously, I was like utterly charmed by the whole place. I was in awe of everything. That Walt Disney wasn't kidding when he called it "the happiest place." He knows how to put on a show and make it worth your every penny to be there. Even with the hundreds of thousands of people, it just didn't matter.
The little towns and shops, the many shows, the wonderful rides, it was so sweet and the girls absolutely loved it. They were so excited about everything. And, might I add, they were so adorable in their little minnie mouse dresses that mommy picked out for them to wear with red headbands. There were so many people who commented on how cute they looked. It was waaay classy an cool. Haha.

First they took a nap though before the long day of fun! They looked so sweet.
And below is the ride to Disneyland! Doesn't Mailey look just like Minnie with her little buns. =)

As soon as Mailey saw Sleeping Beauty's castle she started jumping up and down screaming with excitement. It was the best thing ever, I'm just sad I didn't capture it on video.

It's a small world was by far my favorite ride. There is something so endearing and innocent about it. And the whole thing is just incredible and the castle is amazing and gorgeous. It was so cute because the girls constantly kept singing that song.

As soon as we got out of the ride, the daily parade began. I seriously grinned like the whole time. It was so cute. OH and the cutest thing! Disneyland in everything they do work to make little kids dreams come true. When Mailey got off the "its a small world" ride she goes, "My dreams came true." It was darling.

It seriously felt like I had walked into a cartoon. So cool!

Mailey and I went on this crazy rollercoaster in toon town. We waited for about 40 mintues but it was super fun and actually kinda scary, haha. Mom and Emy were supposed to go too but as we were waiting in line, for about 15 mintues by then, we start asking Em if she's excited to go. She goes, "Nope, I'm not going." So of course were like are you sure, yeah she started bawling her head off. Ha. We quickly got her outta there and reassured her we were not about to force her to have the pee scared out of her.

This place was so cute. It was Minnie Mouse's house! It was this whole little house with a living room, bedroom and kitchen and the girls loved it.

And of course, you can not go to Disneyland without going on the Mad Hatter's teacups. I love the cups and the lanterns. I love how you never feel like your at a carnival in Disneyland.

Once it got dark we did a few more rides but then there was the firework show over the castle. I have never in my life seen SO many people packed into a place. There seriously had to be like 100,00 people there. No lie. I couldn't stop and take a picture, we had to keep moving until we off the sidewalk. But once it began....man. The coolest show I've ever seen. Disney just does everything right. Ha. Then we went a over to another section and saw Mickey Mouse's Fantasmic show in the water. Also amazing and a little scary at times. Ha. But they loved it. We finally got out of the park at midnight, when they closed. Phew!! A late night but we just had to suck every last happy drop we could outta that place.

And of course the girls got Minnie Mouse ears and each their own doll. =)
It was a truly magical day.

Day 2: Huntington Beach

This day we went to the beach and it was BEAUTIFUL!! It was my first time in an ocean you can actually swim in. Weeha!! I also was really dumb and burned myself like a pig on a spit over a bonfire. Haha. The girls I put sunscreen on, so their still cute pink lil pigs. Ha.
Anywhooooo....... It's a huge beach, thousands of people everywhere, perfect blue skies and a perfect balmy 80's. It was wonderful, so relaxing and fun. The girls had a ton of fun in the ocean and building castles (and Emy stomping on them and making Mailey cry... naughty girl, haha), watching the kites, walking the pier... it was lovely. =)

It's hard to tell but this is a turtle Papa helped Mailey create in the sand.

P.S. It doesn't show all the posts on one page so make sure to check the other one. I posted more of Day 1. =)

Day 1 CONT

Alright so I finally have free internet so I'm just gonna post like a butt load of stuff. Haha. Sorry I couldn't post sooner. Here are the rest of the pics from Knotts Berry Farm. =) Whee!

We went again that night but it felt more like a carnival then an just wasn't as fun. But there were some cute moments as always.

An there was this one ride that was pretty crazy an Mailey was cracking every one up on the ride, so hopefully this video loads. It made Emy a little sick as you can see. Whoops.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Cali We Go - Day 1

Sooooo, Mailey and Emy are experiencing the craziness of So.Cal an I'm discovering the craziness of being with toddlers 24/7. Haha. So I'm seperating these into posts for each day. This one is actually two days though, the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG drive and Knotts Berry Farm! WOOHOO!

The Adventure Begins

We got about an hour an a half an stopped to eat the cake pops the girls got nana an papa to buy them. It was hilarious cuz Mailey goes, "Papa, I want the Chewy-Moo-Su one (Tiramisu)" Dad didn't realize what it's actually called, so he then asked the Starbucks guy for two of those, in the way Mailey had pronounced it. The guy was just like alright an I couldn't stop laughing, of course.

Alright, so on we go. Can u guess what this is? No. Well gee, but I tried so hard. Ha. It's the L.A. skyline baby!! (If you can't tell, we were going kinda fast) =) This was like a major relief to see with Mailey frequently whining and telling us to "pull the car over right now and find a hotel! Cuz she wanted to GET OUT!" Ha. This is only funny the day after driving 13 hours with two young-ins.

This pic just made me laugh. This was them watching TV the night we got there. Their expressions were the exact same as they reacted to that crazy Cat in the Hat. =)

DAY 1 in CALI!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! OMG we're going to Knotts Berry Farm!!!

Hmmm this is taking longer then expected and Auntie Ann is now taking pictures again so I'm gonna pretend I'm sleeping. Emy decides it's a good time to take the advantage over Mailey.

We finally arrived!!!!

This was just supposed to be a pic of Mailey and Emy but Emy was not havin any of those oversized dolls standing near her. Ha.

This is the first time the girls went on this ride. They were super excited. Inside was a lever that both riders had to pull on that would make the airplane go up, if they pushed it back, it would go back down. The ride started an were yelling at the girls to pull the lever, get your plane up. By the time it goes around the third time I realize Emy has a huge frown on her face an very watery eyes. An Mailey's looking at her an looking at us an beginning to cry. When they got up there, probably only 10 feet, Emy quickly realized that flying was perhaps not her favorite thing. I continued to shout everytime they went by, "really, it's ok, you'll come back down!" Ha. That night they actually ended up going again, TWICE! Woohoo, they got the hang of it an Emy loved it!

Well there's still more to post but I only have like 10 more minutes of internet. TA-TA for now!! =)