Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1 CONT

Alright so I finally have free internet so I'm just gonna post like a butt load of stuff. Haha. Sorry I couldn't post sooner. Here are the rest of the pics from Knotts Berry Farm. =) Whee!

We went again that night but it felt more like a carnival then an just wasn't as fun. But there were some cute moments as always.

An there was this one ride that was pretty crazy an Mailey was cracking every one up on the ride, so hopefully this video loads. It made Emy a little sick as you can see. Whoops.

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TheFoleyFive said...

ohhh my gosh i think I miss them more than I realize, cuz the last two post's made me cry..i miss those monsters..I loved the classic mailey jerking dads arm around trying to get in the water and emmy's little face when she started not digging the ride..oh they kill me. I'm so glad they're having so much wish I could be there!