Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 2: Huntington Beach

This day we went to the beach and it was BEAUTIFUL!! It was my first time in an ocean you can actually swim in. Weeha!! I also was really dumb and burned myself like a pig on a spit over a bonfire. Haha. The girls I put sunscreen on, so their still cute pink lil pigs. Ha.
Anywhooooo....... It's a huge beach, thousands of people everywhere, perfect blue skies and a perfect balmy 80's. It was wonderful, so relaxing and fun. The girls had a ton of fun in the ocean and building castles (and Emy stomping on them and making Mailey cry... naughty girl, haha), watching the kites, walking the pier... it was lovely. =)

It's hard to tell but this is a turtle Papa helped Mailey create in the sand.

P.S. It doesn't show all the posts on one page so make sure to check the other one. I posted more of Day 1. =)

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aly win said...

kaylee and i just spent a great moment or two looking at these posts ! we love it ! and the pictures specailly the one of poppa and the girlholding hands !