Monday, May 24, 2010

HA! Take that suckers!

So...for five weeks now, our porch has been under demolition. I called the management and basically said, what the heck are you doing this for? Mr. Hignell himself came to my door to explain..."In five years, because of how your porch was constructed, there may be dry rot, so we're being preventative."
um. WHAT?! I could care less about five years dude. I have an eleven week old baby trying to nap amidst the jack hammers going whacka whacka three feet from her window. This is what our porch looks like:

yeah. preventative my left foot. SO! in honor of Illy my partner in crime; once they laid the concrete, and I saw all that wet, begging to be vandalized goodnes...I left the following little insignia.

I mean revenge not sweet?! ha. Yes I am aware of how juvenile this may seem, but honestly, it was nice to just act like a flippin kid for a second..I am only 23 you know....tee hee....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heres to a month... is to you;) we made it a whole month. I know i said i would put more pictures up, and of course i never did! BUT here are four to capture this last month of bliss ...haha:)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bieber rant... getting super old. for reals. like, I NEVER listen to the radio anymore, as far as music. I dunno why, just sometimes christian is so like, depressing or sappy...and it makes me nauseas, jus' sayin. And I can't handle country, hip hop etc...blech, I need a satellite radio I think (hint hint). ANYWAY! I was on yahoo and saw this adorable girl with a pixie cut and a cheeky smile and saw the headline saying something to the effect of, look who's the most popular artist this week! So I clicked on "her" video, thinking, "hmm, I wonder if this girl sings well..." and then "hey! she does!" and then.. "why is this girl singing to another girl about being her lover?" so of course I thought, gross, leave it to america to fall in love with a very young lesbian..go figure...but then...I found out, this "girl" is really a BOY!! A boy who just hasn't gone through puberty yet apparantly. I mean, seriously...SERIOUSLY...what is going on here? This kid is like nine...i'm not joking...and apparantly he's just all the rage. gag.
Does he still wear buzz lightyear undies? does he pretend to shave in the mirror like his dad? does he still aim for cheerios? I mean COME ON!
okay. ahem. sorry...whew.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I am your salvation...

I set my gaze far beyond the mountain tops, and i will not let it fall. For when my God comes back for me I'll be waiting for His call. Heart surrendered, hands held high, come come Jesus take me, that I might abide close in your love, my God will not forsake me. And should this life become blurred and the mountains surrounded in haze, still I'll lift my eyes towards heaven and there I'll set my gaze. When my prayers seem silent, like they cannot be heard, my faith has taught me in times past my Lord hears EVERY word. When my heart finds no rest, and my burden is felt through the nation. Then my God whispers to my soul...I am your salvation!