Thursday, April 22, 2010


Andrea posted a BLOG?!?! no flamin' way...holy cow where are the flying pigs, quick someone check if hell froze over cuz i sure as heck think it did.
ha. I kid I kid...
I cannot wait for this blog to really get going...hold on fella's you're in for a ride!
Just for smiles sake, here's a pic of us as little girls...pretty much it tells me, Illy has always been gorgeous, I've always been a nerd and Andrea has always been more quiet then I could ever stand to be.HA! (don't let that sweet demure smile fool you guys...she's got something up her sleeve.haha)
I love you ange (that is MY stinkin' name for you that the rest of the world just went ahead and copied cuz they're thieves like that)
Illy....Illy...ILLY!!! its your turn..ha. Did anyone catch the alvin and the chipmunks reference there? alvin..alvin...never mind sheesh...ha.

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