Friday, April 23, 2010


WHEEEE!!!! the last one to blog ...didnt think id ever do it didja soph!??!?! didja didja?? ... well HOLA here i am :) me... the baby of the family, the little sister..ileana..illy. brownie..Pill. although pill and brownie are reserved STRICTLY for my sisters to call me..cough cough...anyways... Oh how i wish and pray my oldest sister could be here with me during this time in my life...yes sophio i miss you terribly :( sniff...i see she took on her duty as my big sister and already told you guys i am no longer a single lady. all you single ladies..all you single ladies..all you single ladies..Put your hands up!! ...anyway...nope, no longer my song.. ive been swept away by a valiant knight, i was just hiding in the castle completely in despair, trying to escape the dragons, and then in comes prince charming swooping me off my feet just in the nick of time, and away we ride off into the sunset with long blonde locks of hair flowing in the wind....EEEERRRCCHHH!!!! HAHAHAHAH jus kidding!!.. lifes no fairy tale kid! .... only it totally is for me right now ;0 and my oldest sister is half way across the world !!! :( :( do you feel bad for me??!!? WAHHHH... geezlaweez... anyways im writing this blog so i can say i finally put something up...(mental note...must post another one up that is easier to follow) my thoughts are a little scattered...but sophie! that picture was for you! haha i look like a total nerd! i love the one of joff and i ...but the one of me! EEK! haha :) ange your a nerd.just because i say you are..sophie you too..oh and soph.. i will post another one of our date when i get a good picture ;) i promise...ok i shall continue this madness later...

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