Saturday, April 24, 2010

Explanation of Illy's crazy post.

first off...leave comments people! its the only way we know you're there! okay down to business...
You may have read Illy's last post, that looked oddly like the one right underneath that with a picture of us..but look carefully, in the second quote she changed one word then signed off on it like she wrote it. hahahahahaha...oh this kills me. it's sort of an inside joke Ill and I have, we love awkward humor and for some reason, LOVE coming up with jokes or conversation that would make everything awkward..don't ask me..we're just weird.
SO! you know how sometimes there are those people who like, tell you this great little saying, or say something very profound..then say its something they came up with? And the whole time you're like, wha?! I've heard that before, or, i'm pretty sure britney spears was quoted saying that, or, I'm almost positive that was from the lion get what I'm saying?
its so awkward! the whole time you're listening with this confused polite smile on your face..oh Ill and I decided it'd be hilarious to do that on purpose and send it to people like we seriously thought we were being profound and just wallow in the confusion that is their realization, we are nuts.

"Go ye and make discilples of women" -sophia foley

profound yeah?

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Destiny said...

I am okay and that is profound