Tuesday, July 6, 2010

unfaithful servant...

In silent wonder cast your crown,
as the mountains shake and the earth bows down.
The Great I Am shall take His place,
as all creation shields their face.
O darkened heart in the unknown,
Come now fall before the throne.
Unveiling here your great mistake,
In fear and trembling you shake.
Years of folly in your youth
abused Gods grace and robbed His truth.
I heard you utter one last time..."O King is there grace?"
But He shook His head and turned His face.
Unfaithful servant am I not just?
your heart is greedy filled with lust.
How can i say now "enter in," where there is no blood I see your sin.
I offered my son to take your place,
yet still you insulted the Spirit of grace.
It is mine to avenge, I will repay
For every time you turned away.
In love i died and tried to show you...
But depart now unfaithful, I do not know you.

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