Monday, September 6, 2010

Ever seen a goat jump on a trampoline?

Labor day we got invited to a couples house for some amazing barbeque and some raucous fun and laughter. They have a very farm-esque home...very fun place to have children. They had a trampoline, a pool, an orchard, an old 1930's style house to run circles in...and...two goats and a rooster, as pets. Seriously, it was amazing. And at one point the dad decided the goats needed to jump with the kids, and I HAD TO get it on video. I mean seriously, a goat on a trampoline?! DOES IT GET ANY MORE HILARIOUS?!!?? No my dear follower, it really does not.
So here's to labor day and farm animals...ha ha ha.


Pill said...

MEEE-AHHHH!!! haha..ohhhh my dear lanta! that is absolutely absurd ahahaha ... the poor lil billy ha! wow wow wow...

aly win said...

the funniest part is when the guy helps the goat get off ! ahhh hahaha who are u hangin out with girl.. crazyies!