Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Cali We Go - Day 1

Sooooo, Mailey and Emy are experiencing the craziness of So.Cal an I'm discovering the craziness of being with toddlers 24/7. Haha. So I'm seperating these into posts for each day. This one is actually two days though, the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG drive and Knotts Berry Farm! WOOHOO!

The Adventure Begins

We got about an hour an a half an stopped to eat the cake pops the girls got nana an papa to buy them. It was hilarious cuz Mailey goes, "Papa, I want the Chewy-Moo-Su one (Tiramisu)" Dad didn't realize what it's actually called, so he then asked the Starbucks guy for two of those, in the way Mailey had pronounced it. The guy was just like alright an I couldn't stop laughing, of course.

Alright, so on we go. Can u guess what this is? No. Well gee, but I tried so hard. Ha. It's the L.A. skyline baby!! (If you can't tell, we were going kinda fast) =) This was like a major relief to see with Mailey frequently whining and telling us to "pull the car over right now and find a hotel! Cuz she wanted to GET OUT!" Ha. This is only funny the day after driving 13 hours with two young-ins.

This pic just made me laugh. This was them watching TV the night we got there. Their expressions were the exact same as they reacted to that crazy Cat in the Hat. =)

DAY 1 in CALI!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! OMG we're going to Knotts Berry Farm!!!

Hmmm this is taking longer then expected and Auntie Ann is now taking pictures again so I'm gonna pretend I'm sleeping. Emy decides it's a good time to take the advantage over Mailey.

We finally arrived!!!!

This was just supposed to be a pic of Mailey and Emy but Emy was not havin any of those oversized dolls standing near her. Ha.

This is the first time the girls went on this ride. They were super excited. Inside was a lever that both riders had to pull on that would make the airplane go up, if they pushed it back, it would go back down. The ride started an were yelling at the girls to pull the lever, get your plane up. By the time it goes around the third time I realize Emy has a huge frown on her face an very watery eyes. An Mailey's looking at her an looking at us an beginning to cry. When they got up there, probably only 10 feet, Emy quickly realized that flying was perhaps not her favorite thing. I continued to shout everytime they went by, "really, it's ok, you'll come back down!" Ha. That night they actually ended up going again, TWICE! Woohoo, they got the hang of it an Emy loved it!

Well there's still more to post but I only have like 10 more minutes of internet. TA-TA for now!! =)


TheFoleyFive said...

oh my goodNESS! I miss them so much..that story about dad ordering chewy moo su cake pops killed me..hahaha, was he mortified when he found out? and that picture of them watching the cat in the hat? classic.
I love their little outfits and good job keeping mailey's shirt tucked in. ahem. most stylish kids EVER! post more I can't wait...
I love you monsters!

aly win said...

ryder and i wish we were there ! whoohoo and ryder is totally one hundred percent loving the sound track :] he is shakin it baby!

Destiny said...

Wow loooks so fun!! I am so glad you are blogging about this. how exciting :D